Ways to Express Anger for Children

__ Talk to someone                             __ Run                                       __ Draw pictures

__ Write stories                                   __ Dance                                   __ Hit clay

__ Jump rope                                      __ Cry                                         __   Tell a story that expresses the feeling

__ Punch a punching bag                  __ Exercise                                __ Jump on a trampoline

__ Shoot baskets                                  __ Listen to music                     __ Yell into a pillow

__ Hit a pillow                                     __ Jump                                     __ Play video games

__ Go for a hike                                  __ Paint                                       __ Hit a tether ball

__ Say really angry words alone with your door closed                       __ Walk the dog

__  Throw a ball                                   __ Play a musical instrument   __ Take pictures

__ Call a friend                                     __ Have someone hold you      __ draw

__  Write an angry feeling on a rock and throw it into a lake, river or ocean.

__  Write down angry feelings and then stomp on the paper or poke holes in it.

__ Make a play list of songs that express how they feel

__ Make an “altered book” of collages

__ Make a video of how you feel

__ Start a blog