Everyone deserves love and acceptance.

There are many ways people define their gender and sexuality. When a person or people in a relationship come out to their friends and family they may be met with varying reactions. Therapy or a group support can often make this time easier. Here are some resources in Orange County California:

PFLAG (Parents and friends, of Gays and Lesbians, although their mission and acceptance encompasses much much more)

Orange County: 714-997-8047

Newport Beach: 954-326-9740

South Orange County: 949-677-7840

Riverside: 951-500-6904

LGBT Center OC

1605 N. Spurgeon St. Santa Ana, Ca. 92701


Orange County LGBTQ Resources


Counseling Services:

Dr. Nightingale has been working with LGBTQQIAAP individuals for over 30 years. She offers counseling services to individuals, couples, families and loved ones of the LGBTQQIAAP community. 714-993-5343