How to Use a Super Bill to Get Reimbursed by Your Health Insurance

Starting therapy with a new therapist can seem like an overwhelming task in itself.  If you have never submitted a “Superbill” before, it may feel like one more barrier to getting the treatment you are courageously seeking. The following is to help make the process a bit simpler.


If you are covered by a PPO insurance company, you pay an extra premium to be able to see the doctors you choose, and should be able to be reimbursed a good portion of your therapy session.


Here’s how to get your reimbursement from your insurance company:


  1. Call your insurance carrier (Phone number on the back of your card) and ask for the amount they reimburse for “out of network providers” for “mental and emotional disorders”. (You may need to give them the office zip code: 92886 and license level: Ph.D. Psychologist).
  2. Call our office and make your counseling appointment.
  3. Begin treatment by attending your therapy session at the scheduled time.
  4. Therapist will give you a “Superbill” after you pay at the end of the session with treatment code, diagnosis, date of service and psychologist’s information. This includes all the information your insurance company needs to send you a check. (Please ask us if you have any further questions.)
  5. Send the “Superbill” to your insurance company with your name, birth date and insurance number. You can find the address on your card or on their website.

Receive your reimbursement check to your home from the insurance company.