Es for Emotional Health

It can be difficult to handle painful emotions under regular circumstances. But when everything in the world is a bit chaotic and unpredictable, and you are isolated, emotional pain can feel even more overwhelming. Here are a dozen tips that may help.

  1. Eight hours of sleep every day. Even if this is broken up or includes naps, try to hit about eight hours in every 24.
  2. Establish a routine. Keep a calendar and fill in your schedule. Stick to it.
  3. Engage with others. This may have to be online or through other digital means during the pandemic, but however you connect with others, have conversations.
  4. Exercise at least 60 minutes every third day and at least 30 minutes on the days in-between.
  5. Eat low processed food throughout the day. Include 65% produce. Have a small snack in between three meals.
  6. Enjoy the positive. Spend time in awe. Slow down and notice nature. Ask yourself, “What good might come out of this?”
  7. Exude gratitude. Make a gratitude list. Send thank you notes for last holiday’s gifts. Send a note of appreciation to someone who has touched your life. Say thank you more often.
  8. Exhale completely. In anxious states we hold our breath. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  9. Express your creativity. Pour your emotions through an artistic modality. Write, draw, play an instrument, create a playlist, dance, sing, sew, paint, do martial arts, watch a YouTube video on something you want to learn how to do.
  10. Entertain yourself with humor. Laugh. Watch comedies rather than hours of the news. Find things to chuckle about. Listen to funny podcasts. Follow your favorite comedian.
  11. Encourage others. Find ways to support and uplift other people. Being of service to others can be one of the kindest things you do for yourself.
  12. Emotions change. No matter how heavy this feels, remember that it is temporary. Think back to a very difficult time in your life. Remember that you made it through. You have skills for this too.